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Improving graduate recruitment in the financial sector

Discover how you can predict success in finance-oriented roles.
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What does the whitepaper cover?

  • The most important personality traits and behavioural characteristics for grads in finance

  • How to predict success in finance-oriented roles and make the best people decisions

  • Effective methods to enhance your recruitment process

"Several major organisations have now removed or reduced the weight of academic qualifications in their selection processes and are instead using psychometric assessments to support recruitment."


Which personality traits and behavioural characteristics are most important for graduates to succeed in the financial sector and how can this insight add value to your people processes? Find out in our whitepaper!

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Jayson Darby
Psychology Manager

Meet the author

Jayson is a business psychologist and has worked in the Psychology team at Thomas since January 2014. Jayson works on a range of projects with our clients, such as the design and delivery of talent benchmarking programmes and the development of new products and solutions at Thomas.