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recruitment decisions webinar


One of the biggest challenges that organisations face is investing in getting the right people into the right roles - and then retaining them. 

In our 45-minute webinar you will hear from Jayson Darby, Head of Psychology at Thomas International and Janelle Bailey, HR & Training Consultant, who will explore:

  • The valuable opportunity psychometric assessments present when looking to make efficient and objective recruitment and development decisions
  • Methods to reliably predict job role performance of your candidates
  • Common recruitment/development processes and simple ways to enhance them
  • Real case study examples with measurable results

This webinar is designed to support hiring managers, recruiters, HR professionals and talent selection/development specialists


Meet the speakers

Jayson Darby HS-1

Jayson Darby

Head of Psychology at Thomas International

As Head of Psychology at Thomas International, Jayson works with a team of international consultants and analysts to deliver Thomas’ research and development objectives and provide client solutions that are grounded in psychological methods and hard data.

janelle headshot

Janelle Bailey

Director of About Change Ltd

With over 25 years of experience in human resources and L&D, Janelle is Director of About Change Ltd, a HR and training consultancy which specialises in customised business solutions to support recruitment, cultural change, training and coaching, employment issues and much more.